Save Trees Save Life- Simple Essay for Students

Hello Students, In this article, we will talk about the importance of trees. and how we secure them. Trees are very precious for our lives. they will provide food, wood, and other helpful stuff that we use in our working life. how we can stop people to cut trees?

There are many ways to secure trees. we can aware of people not cutting trees via speeches. students can write essays and give speeches on every occasion in school or college. Also, we need to plant more trees.

  • Mother Earth has given us many Gifts
  • One of them is Tress
  • Trees are very important to us
  • Many of our Tribes live inside Forests which have Trees
  • Trees provide us timber to make furniture
  • Wild animals depend on trees for food and shelter and birds make their nests on trees

All the trees in the world have unique helpful use, So respect all the trees. trees give us oxygen and shade in summer. save trees save a life is not just a slogan. We need to implement this line to our real life. So our environment will be secure for our future.

  • Trees help to prevent soil erosion and floods
  • They give out Oxygen and make the Earth clean and cool
  • Trees reduce pollution and increase rain
  • Many products such as paper, gum, rubber, etc, are obtained from trees

So trees give us very expansive things that we can never imagine, all the daily life human resources made from forest trees. Hevea brasiliensis tree provide us rubber, some trees gives us wood that we use in our home furniture. Overall trees are very needy for our life.

  • So friends, Save Trees by not cutting them and make them happy
  • We will try to plant a tree whenever we can
  • We will start it in our home garden

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