10 Helpful Uses of Ashoka Tree Leaves

Hello readers, In this article we will talk about 10 best uses of Ashoka tree leaves. also we will provide all the information regarding Ashoka tree uses. The Scientific Name of Ashoka Tree is Saraca Asaca. Ashoka tree is a rain forest tree. It is planted in rainy areas.

Ashoka tree is called the most sacred tree in India. The size of the Ashoka tree is almost 7-10 m tall, handsome evergreen tree. Ashoka tree has orange flowers and green leaves. almost every Indian knows that Sita ( the wife of Shriram) had been kept under the Ashoka tree by Ravan in the Ashok Vatika. This is the place, where Hanuman first met Sita Mata. The place is known as a Seetha Eliya in Srilanka.

10 Helpful Uses of Ashoka Tree Leaves

1. Prevent Problems of Gynecological

Ashoka tree leaves used for the therapy of gynecological problems in woman, also prevents menstrual disorders in women. It can be used for controlling spasms and abdominal pain in a woman’s body. Ashoka leaves teats the symptoms of irregular menstrual cycles, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, fibroids, cysts.

2. Skin Problems

The Ashoka lief can easily enhance the skin’s color. It benefits in blood cleaning and inhibition of skin diseases. It helps to clear the blood. Furthermore, Ashoka tree leaves can also be applied to relieve burns and skin inflammation.

3. Pain Relief Problems

Ashoka tree leaves have pain-reducing qualities and can be utilized as an analgesic carefully. Apply the paste of the skin for joint pain and experience comfort.

4. Helpful for Diabetes

Likewise, wilted flowers from the Ashoka tree are effective for diabetics. Absorb tonics or decoctions usually benefit from the tree’s gifts.

5. Prevents Internal bleeding

Ashoka tree leaves can use internal bleeding and hemorrhages efficiently. The Ashoka flower is applied to treat hemorrhagic disease.

6. Prevent from Worms

Ashoka tree can use worm infections as properly. Clear your stomach of grub infestations by using Ashoka tree leaves. It not only reduces pain but also decreases bloating

7. Stop Diarrhea

Ashoka tree will treat your diarrhea without any consequences. Do the Ashoka tree leaves, flowers, and bark as medicine and sense the relief.

8. Kidney Problems

Ashoka tree roots power is a simple method to manage kidney stones. Have the powder with water, which will reduce your chance of painful stone removal.

9. Treats Piles

Ashoka tree extracts are utilized in the treatment of internal piles and suffering due to piles. The herbal supplements, made from the bark, are built into decoctions and consumed.

10. Useful for Infections

Fungal and bacterial infections can be treated with the Ashoka tree. The bark is made of properties that clear the body and kill infections.

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